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Terms of Use

This Agreement is a legal agreement between the user (Refered as YOU) of www.invadecafe.com / Invade Cafe and Resh Vaer Advertising and Media Solutions / Resh Vaer (Refered as WE) for using functionalities available in this website. By accessing or using the Services you agree to be bound by these terms of agreement. Resh Vaer may modify these terms of using Invade Cafe from time to time and will upload a copy of the amended Agreement on www.invadecafe.com. If you do not agree to, or cannot comply with, this Agreement as amended, you must stop using this website or, if applicable, delete your profile. You will be considered to have accepted this Agreement as amended if you continue to use Invade Cafe in any manner.

Basic Terms:

  • 1.You take the responsibility for the use of the Services, for any kind of Content you post, and for any consequences thereof on the website www.invadecafe.com. The Content you upload, post or share will be able to be viewed by other users of the Invade cafe and through third party services. You should only provide Content that you are comfortable sharing with others under these Terms of use of this website.
  • 2.You signify electronically that you form a legal contract with Invade Cafe and that you content to this agreement and other terms of our privacy/secrecy policy of this website.
  • 3.The Services provided by Invade Cafe are always evolving and the form and nature of the Services that Invade Cafe provides may change from time to time without prior notice to you. Also, Invade Cafe may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services (or any features within the Services) to you or to users generally and may not be able to provide you with prior notice. We also retain the right to create limits on use and storage at our sole discretion at any time without prior notice to you.
  • 4.By accessing,using or interacting with the services provided on Invade Cafe, You acknowledge that you are consenting to this agreement online and electronically, and that this agreement shall have the same effect as an agreement on paper.
  • 5.You authorize us to provide you with the required notices, agreements and information concerning the services electronically.
  • 6.Your affirmative act of submitting and clicking to login for the services constitutes your electronic signature to these terms. By using the services, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • 7.In order for you to have access to the services, this agreement must be accepted by you without any modifications, additions, or deletions. If you do not agree to the terms of use contained in this agreement, you are not authorized to use the services. You may be denied access to the services, with or without prior notice to you, for noncompliance with any provision of this agreement.


  • 1.In order to use any of the Services, You confirm that you have read and understood, and you agree to be bound by, this Agreement; and you are at least 13 years old. If you do not agree to, or cannot comply with, any of these terms and conditions of this Agreement, please do not Login or Browse this website and do not attempt to access any of the Services.
  • 2.This website is not meant for persons below 13 years of age. The services are not designed to attract children under the age of 13 and we do not intentionally collect personal information from children on our site. If you are a user between the ages of 13 and 17, please review this agreement with your parents.
  • 3.Because the services may provide access to content that contains explicit content including strong language or depictions of violence, sex or substance abuse, parental discretion is advised for all users ages 13 to 17.


You agree that the Services may be supported by advertising. Any dealings that you have with advertisers found on the Website or through the Services are between you and the advertiser and you acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any loss or claim you may have against an advertiser. The Services may include advertisements, which may be targeted to the Content or information on the Services, queries made through the Services, or other information. The types and extent of advertising by Invade Cafe on the Services are subject to change. In consideration for Resh Vaer granting you access to and use of the Services, you agree that Invade Cafe and its third party providers and partners may place such advertising on the Services or in connection with the display of Content or information from the Services whether submitted by you or others.


Your privacy is of great concern to Invade Cafe. It is important that you read and understand the terms of the Privacy Policy on the Website.Any information that you provide to Invade Cafe is subject to our Privacy Policy, which governs our collection and use of your information. As part of providing you the Services, we may need to provide you with certain communications, such as service announcements and administrative messages. These communications are considered part of the Services and your Invade Cafe Profile, which you may not be able to refrain from receiving. Invade Cafe may cooperate with and disclose information (including your Account Information) to any authority, government official or third-party, without giving any notice to you, in connection with any investigation, proceeding or claim arising from an asserted illegal action or infringement due to your use of the Services.

License To Use the Services:

Resh Vaer gives you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use www.invadecafe.com that is provided to you as part of the Services for personal - non-commercial purposes only.. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as provided by Invade Cafe, in the manner permitted by these Terms.
You may use the Services only for lawful purposes specified under this Agreement. You are responsible for all activities under your profile, including all legal liability incurred from the use of your profile by you or others.
You hereby agree that you will not:

  • 1.Engage in any activity that encourages conduct which would constitute a criminal offence, or that which gives rise to any criminal liability; offers, promotes or encourages betting, wagering prohibited by law.
  • 2.Attempt to gain unauthorized access to our computer networks or user accounts
  • 3.Attempt to introduce viruses or any other computer code, files or program that interrupt, limit the functionality or destroy any computer software or hardware; or interfere with any other partys use and enjoyment of Services.
  • 4.Use the Services to reproduce copyrighted materials;
  • 5.Use technology or any other means to access the Services or the Website that is not authorized by us.
  • 6.Copy, store, edit, change, prepare any derivative work of or alter in any way any of the tracks/content streamed through the Services;
  • 7.Make the Services available over other area's other than Invade Cafe where it could be used by others;
  • 8.Provide your password to any other person;
  • 9.Translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on the Services or any portion of them;
  • 10.Rent, lease or sublicense any of the Services; or
  • 11.Post comments in areas that can be publicly accessed and viewed that are defamatory; post someone else personal information or image without their express authorization in areas that can be publicly accessed and viewed.
  • 12.Use the Services in any way that violates the terms of this Agreement.
Further, you may not use the Services or any of our communication tools to transmit, directly or indirectly, any unsolicited bulk communications (including e-mails and instant messages).
However, by submitting content to public areas of Invade Cafe, you grant us, our parent, affiliates, and distributors the right to use, copy, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote this content in any medium.
You agree that we have no duty to pre-screen content, but we have the right to refuse to post or to edit submitted content. We reserve the right to remove content for any reason, but we are not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such material.
You may not harvest information about our users for the purpose of sending, or to facilitate the sending, of unsolicited bulk communications.
You may not induce or allow others to use the Services or the Website to violate this Agreement. We may terminate your access to the Website and/or use of Services immediately and take any other legal action if you, or anyone using your access to the Services and the Website violates this Agreement. We may take any technical remedies to prevent unsolicited bulk communications from entering, utilizing, or remaining within our computer or communications networks.

Copyright Policy:

As between you and Resh Vaer Advertising and Media Solutions, you acknowledge that Resh Vaer Advertising and Media Solutions owns or has a license to all title and copyrights in and to the Services and the Website. All title and intellectual property rights in and to the licensed content in the Services is the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties and subject to use restrictions under such laws or treaties.


A number of the trademarks used on the Website and its design logo, as well as certain other trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Resh Vaer Advertising and Media Solutions owned by Ranish Hangloo, used in connection with the Services. The Services may contain third-party trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos. You are not hereby granted any right or license with respect to all or any of the Invade Cafe Trademarks or the trademarks of any third party.


The Services use technology to protect the digital information provided by you from unauthorized use. Your use of the Services may be limited by such technology. You acknowledge that, from time to time, Invade Cafe may modify or discontinue using such technology. Security modifications made by Invade Cafe may from time to time include required updates to the Services.
If you attempt to violate or circumvent any system or network security components or technology, this shall constitute a breach of this agreement and you may, additionally, be subject to civil or criminal liability.


This Agreement will remain effective until terminated by you or terminated by us.


This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Republic of India. The exclusive jurisdiction for any claim, action or dispute with Invade Cafe or relating in any way to your use of the Services will be in the Courts of Delhi, India and the venue for the adjudication or disposition of any such claim, action or dispute will be Delhi, India.

You acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it and will be bound by its terms and conditions. You further acknowledge that this agreement represents the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between us and that it supersedes and proposal or prior agreement oral or written, and any other communications between us relating to the subject matter of this agreement.