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The good-old 90s Tv Series

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-15 02:53:38   |   Television   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

There is a very nice saying, "Old is gold". Have you ever wondered how many different memories strike your mind after you see a person after long time, when you hear a song after long and many more such things. As is the dialogue from the movie "Ye Jawani hai Deewani" that, memories are like windows, once opened take you to a different world, much different from you present.So, as kids all of us had memories and most of them were related to the TV. Here is the list of 10 most watched Tv programs from the indian TV industry, that will make you feel nostalgic and open the windows of your memories.

1) Tu Tu Mai Mai:- This series was a big hit among the families who sat down together to watch Tv for entertainment. I remember the show not as a typical saas-bahu serial of recent times but a comedy entertainer and a light program.

2) Shaanti:- If you ask somebody about shaanti today, the girls will definitely speak about the typical bindi style that got fame because of the program. Mandira Bedi is still remembered for her role in this series.


3) Chandrakanta:- I remember trying hard to not sleep as a kid, as the timing of the series was a bit late. The title track still echoes in my ear, “ naugadd alighar me thi takkrar, naugadd ka tha jo raajkumar, chandrakanta se karta tha pyaar”. Sorry!!


4) Shreeman/ Shreemati:- Another light hearted program that used to entertain people to the hilt. Husband-wife relation on a comic note, the concept was a hit.

Moreover I remember the brother-in-law of the lead actor who used to talk in a comic tone. 


5) Shaktimaan:- I used to run away from school, as so did the other children and finally the school authorities declared a half day on Saturdays. This was the charm of Shaktimaan- The Indian superhero. “Body is temple”, “choti-choti magar moti baatein” and above all, “Bheeshm internationals present” and ya “Gangadhar he shaktimaan hai”.


6) Alif- Laila:- I remember this one as the first of its kind. Inspired by the Arabian nights, Alif-Laila was a grand hit among the Indian Audiences. The Arabic clothes were my favourite those days.


7) Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai:- “Roseshhhhh” He was damn funny. Indravadan, sahil, Monisha and “Mooommmaaa”. All of them were so perfect with their part that atleast 3 more seasons could have been a massive hit. I remember a poetry from Rosesh about a fish. “Lash jaisi dikhti hai jab khuli ankh se soti, oo machli kissi dedo choti choti” :P. 




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