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The Singles Schedule for this Valentines Week

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-07 06:23:04   |   Relationships   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

14th February, a much awaited day for people who believe in love and mostly this day is a craze in youngsters. I have seen a number of posts in the past weeks about Valentines day and valentines week. One of all these posts just made me roll on the floor laughing. It said ," Dear St. Valentine, Hume kya mila, Baba jee ka thullu". Hilarious!

There will be many who do not like valentines day or some who don't even care about it. What I have observed since I have known about this day is that, this is purely a show off. I don't think people specifically Indian people care about this day much. But, you see certain people make you do certain things, even if you do not want to do it. Like your boss makes you work overtime, even if you are not willing to. Same is the case with girls, they will make you celebrate this day and make them feel loved, even if you don't wish to choose this way.

In a very fundamental law of universe stated by sir Issac Newton, "To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". When some one took his girl friend out to movie, ten more boys are slaughtered by the same knife. Unwillingly, they have to go and pretend they will be more than happy doing this. Alas! There is a strong repercussion of this act, on people who are single. I will tell you how.

A person, who has always been involved with work, studies and has never had a date, after seeing these couples going out perceives that he/she lacks something. OH! I don't have a date. So, this valentines week, I have devised a schedule that you will love to do.

7th Feb- Rose day:- Have you seen the rose sellers on the red light. Mostly kids. They try to please you and say different phrases to attract you and make you buy a rose for 10 rupees. I suggest, and what I myself will do is buy a rose from that little girl or boy and give it back to him/her. It will make him/her more than happy and you will be satisfied for the day. It works believe me.

8th Feb- Propose day:- Instead of proposing some boy or girl to spend some time with you, I would suggest you to propose your conscience and your moral character to stay with you for life time. If, even 20% of people will do this, I am sure there will be less corruption in our nation, lesser number of assaults against women and other such incidents.

9th Feb-Choclate day:- So, there was a study long back when I was a kid that choclates help you retain good mood and feel happy. Instead of giving away these things to others, gift it to your self. It will keep you in good mood, the whole day and you will not think about having a date. This funda is great for your mood, your tummy and your pocket as well because things spent on yourself will not give you much pain.

10th Feb- Teddy day:- This day is a waste. How can you spend 2000 bucks buying a teddy an d giving it some one who has crossed the age of playing with it. Not a good idea. So draw a teddy and send it to all your friends and feel good about saving 2000 bucks. If at all, you need to do something else, you can buy a small teddy and give to a kid,he/she will be happy.

11th Feb-Promise day:- What do you want to promise, that " I will spend my whole life with you" or "I will be there in all your problems". Before doing this to a stranger, do it to those people who without any promise are staying with you and are helping you out with problems. I mean promise your mom that, " I will be there for you always, whenever you need me" and I am sure you will get great food that day.

12th Feb- Hug day:- There are a lot of campaigns for free hugs, because hugs make you happy and associated. So, hug all your friends and all whom you think you need to be associated with. Especially, your grand parents, and then see how many blessings get showered on you.

13th Feb- Kiss Day:- Get up in the morning, stand before the mirror and give your image a big kiss. Look at yourself and feel beautiful and smart. This will give you confidence and once you are confident about yourself, you seriously don't need anyone else saying that to you.

14th Feb- Valentines day:- So, when the week is done, you have a lot of valentines- your morals, your conscience, your friends, family and most importantly yourself. When some one ask you, say you don't need a valentine.

End of the week, post it Dear St. Valentine- I got a valentine for life, myself.

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Valentines day, 14th Feb
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