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Whispering happiness to your soul

Rancy Arora       |   2015-09-07 11:57:34   |   Thoughts   |   Article   |   Posted By: User

 Well, we all have vigorous situations at times and it merely depends on us,how we percieve the situation. It's how we take it.


People usually complaint about not finding happiness in their workplsce or routine , similaryl one may reach pinnacle and still be unhappy , what actually they lack is happiness within themselves. You sholud express love for your surroundings . As we say around "i am happy when i meet you " , this expresses our emotion and brings the happiness out of us. In the same way, it should'nt go like this i am not happy if i don't see you". this means we are making our happiness dependent in that particular person and this ends of bringing sadness in our life.The one who is with you today,may not be there for you tomorrow.This doesn't mean stop considering anyone worthy instead donot consider anyone the ultimatum of you happiness.

If you are not in s position you desired to be, don't be upset about it.You have two choice, either work very hard to achieve your target or find happiness in what you have with you.Just believe you will get what you deserve at the right time .There is no limit to the heart's desires,maybe if you not happy in one place chances are you won't be happy anyplace.So,folks,just be greatful for your blessings and start procreating happiness within yourself. Throw out from your mind the material things, what other thinks of you, what you look like , comeon,there is no criteria for being happy.You are what you want to be,so be joyful!

Love yourself,appreciate yourself and you will be loved by all-if still not , let it be yar, who cares!! 

STOP searching , START living!

Peace out!!(khush rho)








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