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I found GOD- Finally

Sidharth Ghassi       |   2014-04-07 03:29:46   |   Spirtual   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

In my quest for finding the answer to the ultimate question, I found the first step to unlock the mystery.

There is a word in our life ‘Trust’ which we all use, have and talk about. I would define trust as a state of mind when a being thinks and looks forward for things to happen of their own where there is no kind of work involvement by that being. For instance, in our lifetime we trust one or two and more than that we trust God. Yes! God. An unknown Power or divine which we haven’t seen, haven’t felt, yet we trust God so that he would sail our drowning works.

When I used to ask people about God’s existence, I was being told ‘Don’t question him'. They asked me to pray to God; he’ll solve all of your problems. At that time the only thing that comes to my mind is how a divine can solve my problem. There are billions and billions of people in the world and may be my problems are not on top priority in his ‘list of unsolved problems’. That would be hectic for even God too. But yes, He has the solution, oh I am sorry, We have the solution. We divided humanity in several religions and made a GOD for every religion. Oh God! Some load taken off. Not just this, we further divided the religions in subcategory and again a God for each category.

In India only there are millions and billions of gods’ categorized as ‘Devtas and Devi’s’. Why can’t we stop all this and follow only one God, who is us. When a child is born the first sight is of his mother. For him, his mother is everything until he grows up, starts walking, and says a few words. Without a mother's care he wouldn’t have known how to speak, how to walk and how to grow. For that child, her mother is God and for that child she could even give away her life.

So Here I define GOD; giving others Divine. To spread the power, sharing the happiness and helping others is God and there is a God in each and every creature on this planet, in this galaxy and the whole universe.

People ask “Do you believe in god?” A few years back my answer was absolute Yes.

But now there is change in my answer, its “yes! I believe in giving others divine”.

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