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What Women need- Feminism or Empowerment?

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-07 03:24:05   |   Women   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

Feminism- the advovcacy of women's rights maybe on the grounds of equality on the grounds of sexses. There was a time in history when this scenario was on a boom. When women came out to protest and demanded for equal rights. Time flew and years later, there was a time when feminist thinkers were considered to be all foolish by the majority of people in the male dominated, patriarchal society. Many of the statements against the feminism thought were true also.

The world history has seen many such incidences where over powering a section went against the others. When you want the empowerment of one section, you have to make a balance among the other sections as well. There was a time, when feminism just got misunderstood as the "Hatred towards men". Some women often game feminism as a reason to not marry a men. Well, there should be a feminist society or not, is an unending story. But today what I am going to do is favor the concept in a different way.

Some days back, there was an incidence of eve-teasing with a friend of mine, she came home crying and shocked. That night I just got flashes of all the incidences I have ever heard of about women assault. Be it any eve-teasing incidence on the streets or the in house domestic violence or the brutal gangrapes in the world. I felt terrified by the fact that women are being mentally and physicaly assaulted to a level that is beyond all expected levels. A women today does not report a tesing incident that mentally terrified her, but thanks god of protecting her from the clutches of some brutal besats for more dreadful incidents.

A feminist society must not be ideally suited, as overpowering anyone in the world will not be good for the humanity. But think for a while, a women who gives birth to a progeny, is considered to be an idol of sacrifice and harmony can never ever be brutal to others in the world. I am not denying the fact that exceptions might be possible but incidents like puting rods into the abdomens attacking faces with acid can never be expected of women. Atleast the history of teh world suggests this.

Some of my friends will try overpower me in this context with their share of stats involving rape with men and men being assaulted. But you know what, even you know, what percentage of women do this, almost neglegible. I have never seen a guy frightened by a girl's stare. I would wish to see one.

In the end I must say, my views were just to make you all aquintant with the state of mind we are going through and were not meant to hurt the masculine sentiments of anyone of you because I know I still reside in a place where you are the almighty.

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