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Get over your fear!

Rancy Arora       |   2014-07-14 02:26:09   |   Living   |   Article   |   Posted By: User

Offcourse, we all have a fear of some or the other thing in our frequently busy brain. but have you ever thought is that fear so serious that you have o trouble your brain to worry about it! Might be and might not be. But i being sure 80% the fear is useless. so, you got to get over it,as my personal experience it hinders the momens of joy in your life and we have got a beautiful gift of god to enjoy it to the fullest.Then why to fear?

You don't have to worry until you are not doing somethin wrong,but if its wright then JUST DO IT! At times we fear failure and we prefer being away from it.Please just don't predict the result without your efforts.Believe in yourself strongly.Face it.Be crazy for your dreams!Let fear be afraid of you.

For a very long time fear has controlled me.It has stopped me from living the life of my dreams.One way to overcome it is "meditate",dont just built meaningless stories in your mind.Have control on your mind.Our mind is our hearts enemy,it won't let you do what your heart desires.Just get your mind and heart together and see the difference.It would even give you immense pleasure.

Never fear!

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