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Do You Remember Malgudi Days, If Yes, You Need To Read This

Vishank Singh        |   2014-07-02 23:02:16   |   Television   |   Feature   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

Want to visit Malgudi? I am talking about the same little town constructed along the fantasies of R.K. Narayan which is entrenched in our imagination. Reaching this place is now too easy and only few clicks can work for you. Yes! It’s true; our favorite Malgudi Days is now available online. All you have to do is to visit www.malgudidays.net where you can revive the lanes of Malgudi and its fantasies. With the pool of marvelous 54 episodes it takes just few minutes for us to dip into our serene childhood recollections. This series was originally started in 1986 when the black and white television was governing most of the homes. Yet it still possesses the power to redefine the colors of our perception with its plots and their depiction.


Malgudi Days: Dreams that were real

The author, R.K. Narayan, had once described Malgudi as a town “habited by timeless characters that could be living anywhere in the world”. His books like Swami and Friends, Malgudi Days, The Vendor of Sweets and A Horse and two goats served the scripts of this series which earned a lifetime appreciation for everybody who was associated with it including Narayan himself. And we cannot forget those audible sketches by R.K. Laxman. He depicted the Malgudi and its backdrop with few wonderful strokes of his hand which became interminable in memories. If Narayan and Laxman laid the substance of this magnum opus then it was Shankar Nag, the director who instilled a life in it. With these eminent hands at work Malgudi days was born to be a dream that was very near to the reality of most of the people. This reality was decorated with the music of Carnatic musician L. Vidyanathan. People viewed it in order to be a part of it. Living and admiring each and every episode was the common attribute of the audience of Malgudi Days. With its availability online we are having a chance to get mesmerized by the plots once again.

Malgudi Reborn in 2006:

The first series started in 1986 that went up to 39 episodes paved the way for the rebirth of Malgudi. It was in 2006 when National Award Winning film maker Kavitha Lankesh took the challenge to continue the series on the invitation of veteran producer T.N. Narasimhan. With these attempts Malgudi days was ready to mesmerize the audience of Doordarshan from April 26, 2006. “I am getting a positive response… I think my efforts have been widely appreciated”, stated Kavitha in one of her interview. Why the dreams of Malgudi were again accepted is the mystery. Was it all because of the direction of Kavitha or was it due to R.K.N. behind the soul of the Malgudi characters?  There was no competition in Indian entertainment industry when Shankar came with it in 1986. But when Kavitha resumed this magnum opus on Doordarshan in 2006 there were several channels and a cut throat competition. Yet Malgudi’s magic survived! There was something more than a TV serial in it for the public.

Sharing Swamy’s dream:

Swamy, one of the prominent protagonists of Malgudi days was a child of a government officer who used to troll in his own world of ecstasy away from the conventional paths laid down by the society. His instinct as a wishful bird was understood only by his grandmother who used to call him with love, ‘Chamy’. His ideas about life were different from the people around him. He took life to be too beautiful to be wasted at school.  Seeking happiness in small things nearby made him a character which inspired the people who were watching him on their TV sets. It was the art of Master Manjunath (the ‘Agneepath’ fame) who played the role of Swami in ‘Malgudi days’, which actually reflected the real essence of W.S. Swaminathan (the character of R.K.N.) and his life.  With Malgudi days back in business on internet portal we can expect the current generation to share his dreams like we all did in our childhood.

Why Malgudi is Malgudi? 

Malgudi was a place with people of many instincts. There were few who were rich and there were few who used to struggle. Amongst them lived a dreamy child, Swamy, who used to enjoy every blow of the breeze with an unconventional idea about adventurism in life. This was the tale of a society and a life in itself. It was the story with which the common man with an ordinary background was able to relate himself. Art is in its purest form when it could relate itself to the society nearby. This is why we still desire to see the adventures of Swamy and his friends on the fields of Malgudi. This is why the audience having a busy schedule for itself wants to enjoy each and every bit of hassle-free life of Malgudi. They want to live in the plains, to swim in the lakes and to play in the cricket field without any strain of time and work.  This is why Malgudi is Malgudi. It makes us to do something better and beautiful. Like the Swamy and his friends did in each of the episodes. 

Malgudi Days: Sunlit forever

Works like this never die because the ignition of its presence is sponsored by its lovers and audience.  The storyline of Malgudi will always be working as the time machine for like most of us. We saw it on television and lived it in all places. We read it in our school textbooks and admired it everywhere. We came with many bad things in front of us and remembered the aspiring eyes of Swamy in each of the case. Nothing we could listen but the opening score, ‘Na Na Na…’   of Malgudi Days when it still reaches our ears. And the happiest part is this that we could escape out of this grown up mess just by visiting www.malgudidays.net . So when are you tying the same on your keyboard?

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