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Colombia defeats Ivory Coast one extra goal

Ashwin Malik       |   2014-06-19 22:07:56   |   Soccer   |   News   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

Men in green versus the men in yellow. What a bright view it was in the Brazilian stadium when Ivory Coast played against Colombia. The match saw exciting moments with yellow card being held high, headers headed into goals and self plays resulting into crucial goals. One funny incident that would immortalize this match on youtube though was when at the seventh minute mark a large inflatable football entered into the playing field but Rodriguez deflated it and chucked it aside. There must have been a Ross Mosby sitting in the crowd to pull this off. This match saw young talent shine and old experience fail due to lack of motivation or the spirit. The man from whom viewers from all over the world expected to deliver, Didier Drogba failed to affect the unfortunate result his team had to deal with. Colombians were quick and smooth, looking at the overall stats they got much less attempts at the goal but still maintained a lead on the scoreboard. 


The first half ended without showing much action as none of the teams scored and goalkeepers remained underworked. The second half started with a kick off by the Ivory Coast. The game maintained its no scoring stride from the first half but saw a chance of change when Yaya Toure of Ivory Coast passed the ball very near to the goalpost but his team mate Wilfried Bony failed to convert this into a goal. The stands filled with the Ivory Coast fans went roaring when they saw their star player Didier Drogba enter the field replacing Wilfried Bony at the sixty one minute mark. Soon after Drogba entered, there was a goal but not by the Ivory Coast, a corner was converted to a header to a goal. It was a show of some good football by the man of the hour for Colombia James Rodriguez who headed past two defenders and scored a biggie, assisted by Cuadrado. Colombia now leaded with 1-0. This didn’t seem to affect the Ivory Coast because things started the same way with Japan but that turned out quite well. Where one goal came from Ivory Coast’s corner, Colombia netted the next starting game play from their own corner. When a corner taken by Ivory Coast was tackled away from the goal post and it somehow reached to Quintero who slid the ball past Ivory Coast keeper Barry and scored another for the Colombians. 

A match winner stint by Gervinho who hurdled past three defenders and scored an individual goal without any assist. At the seventy third minute mark with now a score of 2-1 hopes came alive for Ivory Coast. Only if someone could pull something so wonderful off again the match could see a good ending for Ivory Coast. The match ended in a 2-1 score and left Drogba as a star that lost its twinkle today and two young Colombians who outshined every other player on the field today. 

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