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The unstoppable Dutch maintain winning streak by defeating Australia

Ashwin Malik       |   2014-06-18 23:14:16   |   Soccer   |   News   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

This was one of the most interesting matches of this season without any debate. Netherland seemed to be too much for Australia on paper but what a show by the Australians. This is called a thriller in the world of sports. Australia was under a lot of pressure before the match after watching the Dutch’s form in the previous game where they crushed the Spanish squad. This was a must win match for the OZ’s in order to keep their hopes alive to enter the next round with 3 points. Netherlands started the match with a kickoff.

Twenty minutes into the game and Arjen Roben gets the Dutch in a lead by scoring a goal. The Australian hope Tim Cahill does not let the Dutch enjoy for long and nets an equalizer in the twenty first minute itself. Australia had a chance at an early lead but missed it by missing the penalty they got at the 30 minute mark by shooting the ball a little too high.  God gave Australia a second chance when they got another penalty at the fifty eigth minute mark and this time they take full advantage of it and get in the lead by 2-1. A rather depressing thing to happen to the Dutch was when Martins Indi was taken off the field in a stretcher when Tim Cahill unnecessarily tackled him. Van Persie proved his mettle in the game to follow when he scored an equalizer for the Dutch bringing the game to a temporary tie at 2-2.

Australia once again missed a chance to have an edge when they missed a goal at the 66 minute mark but the Netherlands being the opportunist side it is earned the lead when Depay scored. The game was now 3-2 and ended this way although in the final minutes of the match the Dutch became more aggressive with their game play but failed to score any other goal. Australia has now officially been crossed out of the tournament with no hopes left. Australia does deserve a mention as the team which put up bravely against the mighty Dutch and made this game as awesome as it could be.  


Picture Courtsey : FIFA.com

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