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10 Remote and Sensational places on Earth you would definitely want to visit

Ashwin Malik       |   2014-06-18 05:29:39   |   Places   |   Feature   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

Here’s a list of places you might have never heard of before but after reading about them some of them might make it to your must-visit list. Don’t forget that even to reach some of these places might be a great adventure in itself.






  • Concordia, Pakistan

This beautiful place is located on the border of China and Pakistan, in India these mountain ranges would be better known by the name Karakoram. It’s the only place in the world from where you can see one of the most scenic sites- four 26000+ ft tall mountains right next to each other at the same time. 



  • Bouvet Island, Norway

This island is one of the remotest islands on Earth. It’s situated near mainland Norway, and located in the Pacific Ocean. What’s unique to this island is that ninety three percent of this island is frozen throughout the year and covered with thick glacier. So if you think there’s a lot of snow in heaven, then your heaven might be on Earth.



  • Mezhgorye, Russia

Well you are not allowed in this town, but who wouldn’t want to go and find out what are the secrets of mount Yamantaw. The highest mountain in the southern Urals, is an area suspected by the US to be a large nuclear facility. No confirmation till date has been given about this place. One would be the next Bond or Sherlock if is able to find out the secrets of this beautiful mountain range.



  • Mabul, Malaysia

If you are an underwater diver or just an enthusiast who wants to see aquatic life at its best, Mabul is where you got to be. All divers go there because the exotic aquatic marine life there is in par with the Galapagos.



  • Deception Island, Antarctica 

This island got its name from an unfortunate incident when an airplane crashed to the island misjudging the island’s distance. The island is a volcano’s caldera, it’s completely hollowed out. The arctic wildlife you can see here is rare. Cross this out in your list if you call yourself an explorer.



  • Macquarie Island, Australia

Only inhabited by merely 20-40 residents, this island is more of a penguin’s island than a man’s. The island is largely inhabited by the royal penguin population. It’s the only island in the world where you can spot these wonderful creatures.  


  • Socotra Island, Yemen

This island in Africa is considered to be part of some other world since the flora and fauna seen here are not seen anywhere else on the entire planet. The island is most famous for its Dragon’s Blood species of trees, which are marked by their unique shape which resembles an umbrella.



  • Tristan Da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean 

It’s one of the most dangerous places on Earth besides just being one of the most isolated and remote places. Steep cliffs are found along the edges of the island and inland you will witness a big volcano which hasn’t erupted since 1962. Building an airstrip in this place is impossible because of the geological condition and because of the island being a shield volcano. Only 270 people inhabit the island.



  • The Siberian Taga 

This place is famous because of the story of a family who was lost in its thick jungles for decades. These woods are rarely explored. The jungle here is known as world’s last great wilderness.



  • Space

Amusingly enough human kind has explored almost of the surface and the only big remote place left is the space. Commercialized space flights make it possible for an explorer to extend its reach to the extra terrestrial.



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