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5 Points Why Salman Khan Starer KICK is Just Superficial and Not Appealing

Ashwin Malik       |   2014-06-16 03:41:22   |   Bollywood   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

A trailer of the new Salman Khan starer KICK released recently showing Salman Khan jumping off roofs (roofs of skyscrapers just to make it a movie of bhai’s level), police chase scenes (bhai is on a bicycle of course), performing never seen before stunts (only Sallu bhai can dare to pull off a stunt where he has to leave a bicycle in the middle of a train-approaching scene then walk away unharmed with such superficial and unrealistic but perfect timing). Sajid Nadidwala’s directorial debut KICK features Haryanvi Jaat boy Randeep Hooda, Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez and the critically acclaimed and appreciated actor Nawaz Siddiqui whose stint in the trailer seems to be the most grabbing one. The movie will see an Eid release this year.

5 things that make this movie a dull generic action movie are (decoding the trailer)-

  • The movie seems to be a generic cop-hero battle where Hooda will most likely be seen as a cop who would be hunting the ever so good Salman. The classic spiderman cum robinhood angle of the movie is predictable from the trailer.



  • Nawaz is the generic villain of the movie, the mastermind whose plans would definitely include hurting or kidnapping are sweet and vulnerable Jacqueline at least once in the movie.




  • Talking about action, what do you expect when you combine Salman Khan with a superhero genre? Needless to say, leave all your knowledge of physics at home, it might cause a little bit of a problem if you don’t forget the force of gravitation or the laws of Newton.


  • Flying cars and people with superhuman strength who can bend the laws of physics are not from the future but from the upcoming Salman Khan release. 


  • An action movie in bollywood in the current times cannot pass without an international angle where all great international forces fail to catch one petty thief. A great way to boast Indian intelligence though, because only an Indian officer is a threat to the DEVIL but the forces of abroad are just there to guide through more death defying and unrealistic stunts. 


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