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The Best about East and West Campus Colleges of Delhi University

Parikshit Joshi       |   2014-06-09 06:30:46   |   Colleges   |   Feature   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

The race for Delhi University is on. The swarm of AISSCE Class 12th pass outs charge towards the big named and well established colleges of the Delhi University’s North and South Campus. In this race where only a handful hit the niche, a majority is left with the off-campus colleges or dropping the dream of Delhi University.

While many decide to permanently delete the Delhi University dream others decide to pursue graduation from the off-campus colleges; and believe me, latter ones prove wiser. There are unique benefits of an off-campus college. Here are a few of them:
Lower Cut-off : The Cut-off standards in the East and West campus colleges are not sky high as compared to other Delhi University colleges. One can easily get in with the score of around 70-75%. The bigger thing, it still remains a Delhi University college.
Big Campus/Good Infrastructure: Colleges like Maharaja Agrasen College and Shaheehd Rajguru College stand and epitome to this fact. They are two of the colleges which have the best of infrastructure and the largest campus amongst all other colleges. 
Less Crowded : Fewer crowds may seem a bore to few students but those who want themselves in conditions of peace, these colleges are perfect. You are away from the commotion of the campus and truly with yourselves.
Lesser Competition : Because the crowd has been sieved, so has the competition. One can easily make a mark in their college, without the crushing competition and can emerge as pioneers in one’s field. 
No Student Unions : If you are sick of the students’ unions then these colleges may prove to be the best for you. The East and West colleges have no ABVP and no NSUI and so the politics regarding them is also not present.
Bunking proves tension free: This is a student-to-student talk (wink). Yes, this is a true fact. North and South campus colleges have strict bars for attendance. These are bars are a bit flexible in the off-campus colleges. So when you are out bunking you can give your 100% to it.
True, every coin has two sides. Alike are the Delhi University Colleges.  Don’t just look at one side which is prominent.  Think twice; make your decision, a wiser one.

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User Comments

  1. Vidyanshika Mehta -  3 hours ago

    Truely agreed !!!! We oftn follow d tag of NORTH CAMPUS blindly...This article provides an alternative view to such misconceptns... Well done!!!!!