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24 Students Missing in Tragic Accident in Himachal Pradesh, All Feared Dead

Invade Cafe Reporter       |   2014-06-09 00:18:06   |   Himachal Pradesh    |   News   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

 In a tragic news coming early morning today, 24 students from Andhra Pradesh were drowned in river Beas in Thalot Village in Himachal Pradesh. The sad incident has happened because of the release of water to the river from Largi reservoir. The students were on a trip from Andhra Pradesh and were crossing the Kullu-Manali area and according to the eyewitness among the students, were clicking pictures standing near the water. 

A sudden flow of huge water was shot and all of them were washed away. 3 bodies have been found out till now, 2 of girls and one of a boy. The rescue operations are on. The students who witnessed the whole tragedy are saying that there was no siren before the water reached that high level. 
The question here is that isn't it the carelessness of the authorities. Even if there was a siren, how do you expect tourists to understand the meaning. Knowing that the area is a tourist area, the authorities should have been responsible. 
HRD minister Smriti Irani has left from Delhi for the place of incident. Chandra Babu Naidu also expressed grief over the incident and has assured for help on the spot.   

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Beas River, Andhra Pradesh Students, drowning accident in HP
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