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Head of Our Family is Father and not Mother, Patriarchy Begins Here

Mansi Negi       |   2014-06-06 03:33:31   |   Women   |   Opinion   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

Could you imagine the prospect of a social institution being run by its women counter parts? Sounds uncanny? Why? Because we live in a social structure where we have always seen a male as an authority figure. Where males rule, and have major privilege as compared to females. Where we are 'told' that men are the sole bread winners of a family. We live in a Patriarchy society. 
Patriarchy is a social system with unequal power relations between men and women. Women are considered the suppressed, oppressed and the disadvantaged. 
It is very much evident by the women's representation in the state institution. Or in a decision making process, employment sector. We all clearly see the discrimination in rural as well urban areas in all sections of the society. 
Although women are guaranteed equality according to the Indian Constitution, the legal technicalities have a limited effect whereby the Patriarchy traditions prevail heavily. It can be in the way of dowry, child marriages, women as liability etc, objectifying a woman as a commodity. This is a stark reality that we regard women as less from her male counter parts. We just see disproportionate control of men over women. 
We focus more on issues like rapes where again more often than not, a male sexually exploits a female.
But like change is constant, we have also experienced constant change in the world today. 
We see women becoming drivers and pilots. In the present scenario women go out for drinks. We see them as beyond the doors of their household and the chores. They are becoming the bread winners as well. 
All in all, there has been a rising against the civil and political authority. There has been an insurrection for women. 
How ever the public sphere considers women today, the same public space has a long way to go to make an equal sphere for the women, male and even the disabled.



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Patriarchy, Women Empowerment, Rule of the Man
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