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4 Lessons that Entrepreneurs Should Learn from Narendra Modi

Amal Magazine       |   2014-05-26 00:42:49   |   Corporate    |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

It has been a spectacular win for BJP in Election 2014. BJP has emerged as the single largest party with majority ever since 1984. The man in whose name BJP has got 282 seats is none other than Narendra Damodardas Modi. 

My introduction of Mr. Modi goes back to 2001 when he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. I was born in Gujarat, my first professional engagement has been in Gujarat, in last 15 years I have been visiting Gujarat for personal as well as business trips. As an entrepreneur, my quest to learn doesn’t end anywhere. I have curiously tracked this election and the campaign of Narendra Modi and have learnt a lot from him, here are few takeaways.

1. In adversities, keep your calm 

Today Mr. Modi is the PM elect but his past has not been very favorable. He had his share of tides, from 2002 riot to Snoop gate, his opponents have actively voiced against him. Be it his political opponents, media, NGOs and even his own party men. Despite of all odds he kept his calm and evolved himself as a strong administrator. His job was to administrate a state which he has, that’s why he was elected 3 times as Chief Minister of Gujarat. 

2. Set Big Targets

Last few decades India has witnessed an era of collation government. Who had thought that in such times one party could get more than 50% of seats? BJP started its campaign under the leadership of Narendra Modi and the campaign was named Mission 272+. I think BJP was the only party whose focus was 272+. We did witness a lot of discussions on possible allies of NDA. The strategy was crafted keeping in view the target, party carder & leaders worked for it and here we have BJP winning 282 seats.

3. Plan Well 

300,000 kms, 437 public meetings, 196 rallies & road shows- One Man & in eight months he skipped just one rally that too due to sudden death of a unit head. Each day, every hour, every minute was planned well and executed even better. 

4. Build your team 

Nothing can happen if you don’t have a strong team. Narender Modi banked a lot upon his team. Like a true leader he selected competent people, discussed, made strategies and delegated the task to his team members. 

50 minutes of campaign in Vadodra and victory margin of 5.7 lac votes. One can’t do it alone. 

Today he is going to take oath as Prime Minister of the largest democracy on the World, a man who has been as a craftsman of a modern state. Wish him all the best!


Amal Magazine is the founder of Wealthmax Financials and an independent Financial Consultant. He can be reached on twitter @amalmagazine

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