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Being A Women Is My Only Fault

Mansi Negi       |   2014-05-10 02:04:01   |   Women   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

We belong to a nation where a woman is worshipped in the form of a deity. We belong to a nation where a woman is ‘supposedly’ considered equal to the other gender and we belong to nation where a woman is raped every 18 hours and molested in every 14 hours of a day. How far is this justified? How far does all this sound right?

Living in the metropolitan city of Delhi, I personally have faced such molestation, eve teasing quite a few times. While returning from a school, being with a male friend, returning from a dinner party with parents, I have faced all of it, travelling in the metro, in presence of people. Yet there has not been a change. I was very conveniently molested, eve teased, got my body parts being groped in a public space. It sounds disgraceful and indecent when you read about it, lest writing about it.
My question remains, is it my fault that I am a woman? 
In the capital city of Delhi, we hear about several cases of molestation, eve teasing and rapes every day, every hour. What light does such heinous act throw on humanity? Are we, the women of the nation, not human beings?
Why has not there been a substantial step taken for the women? Why do we only face the major tribulations relating to sexual harassment? Be it work place, be it school, college, metro, buses etc?
There was a time, when I was returning from school, and someone randomly seized my hand, did not let me go and I stood there helplessly, until I shouted at him and fidgeted my hand off, while the passer by aunties and uncles saw a school girl being touched by an unknown man in a wrong way. When I tried refuting his ‘act’ of molestation, he, in his outright attitude said, ‘kar le jo karna hai, mera baap so and so hai’. If their father is ‘so and so’, does that give them a lawful right to practically eve tease a 14 year old? How shameful is it. Again, is it my fault? I was barely wearing any revealing clothes, since it was a school uniform and yet we are told that all such acts happen since we wear revealing, short dresses. 
Don’t Burqa clad women, suits clad women, sarees clad women face all of this? Is it our fault? The answer is no. It is not our fault. In fact, it is not our fault. It is not about the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the lifestyle we have, the outgoing nature we possess, it’s the mentality of the person which proves detrimental for us.
There should be some solid and concrete measures taken up to improve the quality of life for us, per se. where we are granted rightfully some safety. After all, we belong to nation where women are considered equal, right? 

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