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5 Thoughts That Can Change Your Life

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-05 05:33:46   |   Thoughts   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

What you say, what ever you do, this is all what you think. Your brain is an infinite library, that you need to explore. I have been a huge fan of the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. He said, " If you have five thoughts, that you have made your life, you are more educated than some one who has read a full library.

Thoughts make us what we are and what we will be in future. As it is said, "Coming events caste their shadows before", similarly your thoughts make ways for your actions and thus your life.
Generally people are either focused or happy goal lucky but there is a different category too. When you just see the eye of the fish like Arjun. There is a time when all you think of is your goal and it does not make you exhausted. You are happy, happier than the world and peaceful away from the world.

Here are five thoughts that can lead you to this position. 5 thoughts that can change your life, if absorbed properly.

1) You are free, all choices are yours:- The day you act freely, you have taken a step towards change. You might be thinking, we are free already but that's not true. Free from what people think about you, free from what perceptions are made for you, free from what authority holders say. Free in the sense that, you can do what pleases you and not others. There should be an authority between the stimulus and the response, your authority. You should decide what to do not what others will think of you.

2) What if you died tomorrow:- Going to the gym, Traveling to places or quitting a job, you cannot put it to tomorrow. When you put things in waiting, you lost them. What if you died tomorrow. Work harder and harder to make it count even a single day, so that even if there is just one day in your life, you travel more towards your dream. The feeling of doing it tomorrow can kill you and your dream.

3) Life is miraculous :- There is miracle every where. I am sure you must have felt it, some day or the other. It can turn things around anytime. All you have to do is not lose hope. Do not ever think, this cannot be done. It can be anytime, life can pop out something but it will be fruitful only when you are read at that time. Losing hope will shut your doors to accept the gift life will pop in last moments.

4) Faith is power, Believe in your self:- There is a quote in Bhagwat Geeta, " Yad bhawam, Tad Bhawati". It means, as is the feeling, so is the result. When you believe you can, you will. There can be no substitute to your belief in your own self. Until and unless you think, you can do it, no power on earth can motivate you to do.

5) You can make the difference:- Stop thinking that what will I alone do? I alone cannot change the system. You can at least trigger the things. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, what did they do? They sparked a change and rest is history.

If you are a true bollywood fan you must be having these lines in mind, " Itni shiddat se tumhe pane ki koshish ki hai, ki har zaarrre ne tumhe mujse millane ki sazish ki hai". If you want something get it, try every bit and the world will be with you.


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