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Wearing Short Dress in not indecency, Poonam Pandey

Invade Cafe Reporter       |   2014-05-04 00:40:59   |   Mumbai   |   News   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

The police in the Mira Road area of Mumbai booked Actress Poonam Pandey for her indecent behavior in public. According to police Poonam Pandey was wearing revealing clothes and waiting on the road outside her car, late at 10:30 pm.

The area police interrogated and later booked her for indecent behavior in public. After, questioning Poonam was brought to the police station, where she was released after giving a warning. 

Actress Poonam Pandey has been in news for various acts of indecency in the past as well. The police booked her last night under section 110 of Bombay Police Act. 

Whereas, Poonam Pandey has her own version of the story, she said that she and her brother were in the car when the police came and asked foe her name. Realizing that she (Poonam Pandey ) was a model, they booked her. 

The actress who made news after deciding to strip naked for the Indian Cricket Team in 2011 also said that the police had a problem with her clothes and that's the reason why they took her to the police station. "At the police station, everyone was staring at me. I had no idea, why people were looking at me like that," - Poonam Pandey


Photograph Credit - Poonam Pandey Facebook Page

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