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The 6 Must Reads Everyone Should Read At least Once

Devansha Sanan       |   2014-04-18 03:59:46   |   Books   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

 Well books are such things which would never let you feel lonely.  A person could travel places through them sitting at one place. But a book not well written can spoil your reading experience thus to choose your book wisely is important.  So just to help you with that here is a list of six books which are my personal favourite and which everyone will definitely love to read.



1. Daddys little girl:

 My very first book which I read was not any romantic piece or light hearted novel but a brain racking fiction thriller which gave me goosebumps.  Daddys little girl by Mary Higgins Clark had a plot in which a 13 year old girl was murdered and her younger sister tries to find out the killer after she turns 30 because the case could not be solved.  This book is amazingly written the plot takes interesting jumps and compels the reader to stick to it. 


2. Eleven minutes

 Paulo Coelhos Eleven minutes  is another beautiful story of prostitute who became one not under severe conditions but difficult times and she thought that it was an easy way to get money. The reader would get the insight of the prostitutes life and realize that this profession should not be ridiculed at after all prostitutes are human too and they need to earn money. 


3. Jane Eyre

If we talk about classics my favourite is Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte  it was a norm breaking novel of that time when women were suppressed and thus novel showed that the protagonist Jayrn Iyer was a head strong women and would not bend down when she was right. This  story is very well crafted and people would love to read this classic without getting bored. 


4. The fountain head

There are some incomparable authors like Ayn Rand whose books are out of this world.  Her The fountain head is one such book which is about an architect whose style is way different from others and he doesnt care about success which he eventually gets. This book would show how people are not wrong but just follow different ideologies and take different paths to achieve goals.


5. The Da Vinci Code 

One of my favourite authors Dan Brown has an impeccable style of writing and his much controversial book The Da Vinci Code is a must read. Its purely fictitious but will embed some thought provoking seeds in your mind as the book plays with religion mythology and well set norms.


6. Whitney my love

You may find top authors which write romantic novels but I havent seen someone better than Judith Mcnaugth . Though she is not much hyped and her books are underrated but her first book Whitney my love was a best-seller.  The story is of a duke and his love for his duchess one would start believing in love once again he reads this book . Romance was redefined by this author. 

Ill recommend that these books are a must read as they gave me a beautiful experience I hope they do the same to you.



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