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Burning Bangladesh and Beyond

Ankit Jha       |   2014-04-16 06:54:49   |   South Asia   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

A Parliamentary Republic born out of Indo-Pak war of 1971 Bangladesh is burning now a days. Some may call it the spark of change but it is more than a certain spark an fire in fact. Which has brought a whole new Political instability in the neighbour country. It has been well said that a war child is always an errant and Bangladesh is becoming the most mischievous of all. One date that we all need to get in mind is of January 5 2014 the date when the prominent opposition party in Bangladesh the Islamic and secular alliance led by Khaleda Zias Bangladesh National Party boycotted the polls  similar to what happened in 1996 when Sheikh Hseenas own party Awami League boycotted the polls resulting in the uncontested victory for the rivals. This time it happened with Haseenas Awami League as Zias BNP led Alliance proposed not to participate in the elections and the result was Hasinas government instead of winning just 22-30% voting population turnout. Although Haseena has a triumphing majority of 34th in the Bangladesh Parliament that is better known as "Jatiyo Sangshad" her own voice will echo in house as she does not have any opposition. Jatiya Party led by Mohammed Ershad is expected to become the reluctant opposition which may better be called Dummy Opposition. As per the latest news it has been happening first time for 23 years and 15 years of rivalry between two begums of nation Zia and Haseena that Zia got out of all protocols and will avail no stature and Government facilities. 

In the time when a mere breach in asteroid results in so much reactions all around the Living Planet this major Political instability in the third world has been under criticism. Some are criticising the move of Supreme Court of Bangladesh which ensured the Get going to the elections amid all the social instabilities not smaller than a man made calamity some are criticising President Hameed who nodded positively to this government formation by Uncontested winners but the most brutal criticism has been trialed on Sheikh Haseena who put Khaleda Zia under a virtual house arrest in the lead-up to the elections which Khaleda described as the "death of democracy". US remarked it Disappointing UK Australia and many more countries has backed the suggestion for re-elections. It is equally important to notice that the biggest neighbour and SAARC member India has backed the polls although it didnt greet Haseena on her victory. This is a big moment for India after the War decade of 1961-71 this is the time when India needs to put a stand on the Foreign Policy. India till now has performed resplendent to redeem Bangladesh from the Diplomatic slays that was expected. Hasinas supporters would also argue that Bangladesh has seen some of the worst targeted violence in the run up to these elections. More than 100 people have been killed in the past few months in protests and clashes by members of the opposition the violence driven largely by members of the Jamaat-e- Islaami that was banned from politics 5 months ago. It looks much like Indian state of Punjab of early 90s when continuous ethnic crisis and instability used to result in Boycotts but importantly Government formation remember 1992 Government of Beant Singh which didnt have the opposition. India has an opportunity along with a big question Whether should India move on along with the current government and think for the better Political future of the nation or it should back the international pressure of Re-polls. Regardless of fact that which Begum comes in Power South Bloc of Rajpath needs to assure that it may hold this opportunity tight so that it may not burn its hand again like in the case of Maldivian President or Napalese Election. An Opportunity is what seems impossible till achieved. The most important thing in all these chaos is that what really has brought Bangladesh on this pathetic path Last year was really one bad for Bangladesh the Building demolition to Bureaucratic corruption to Climate change and Economic and Social Instability all together has forced Bangladesh push a bit. One of the most densely populated Nations of World and a new emergent in the World Economy has some major challenges ahead. Amidst all the Disarray in nation it needs to focus on what it achieved in 1990s Secularism. Ethnic Conflicts need to be brought to an end. 

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