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Tata Motors MD Karl Slym Passed Away In Mysterious Situations

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-16 06:44:24   |   Asia   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

In a shocking news that came on 26th of january 2014 Karl Slym the MD of Tata motors the suspicion is deepning day by day. Karl who was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri La hotel in Bangkok while his room was on the 22nd floor is said to have committed sucide according to the initial inquiry by the Thai police. A suicide note was also found in Karls room which was taken in custody by the police for further investigation.
A reuters report quoted in their story Somyot Bonnyakaew saying "We didnt find any sign of a struggle. We found a window open. The window was very small so it was not possible that he would have slipped. He would have had to climb through the window to fall out because he was a big man. From my initial investigation we believe he jumped." The same story said the police found a three-page note written in English which they were translating into Thai. An autopsy on Slyms body should begin on Monday.
All the people associated to Karl and the media is giving signs of Karl being a peoples man and possessing a great sense of humour. So it becomes hard to belive in the suicide angle of the story. 
A spokeswoman for Tata Motors declined to comment on the possible cause of Slyms death while a company statement on Sunday said Slym had provided leadership in a challenging market environment. 
Karl was said to be working on sprucing up the Nano to make it more premium and bring it back in the limelight and in this process Tata had launched a more expensive Nano Twist at Rs. 2.36 lakh that came with features like power steering central locking power windows and bluetooth connectivity.
Slym is also credited for the idea of petrol engine Revotron that would power most of Tatas coming vehicles to help the company penetrate into the gasoline markets as well.

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