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The Best Of Disney that made many childhoods beautiful

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-16 03:49:22   |   Hollywood   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

People always have a craving to live their childhood once again. Every one remembers the good old days when we were not this serious. One thing that sticks as the best feather in the hat of childhood cartoons. Whenever I personally feel like reliving those good moments I switch to tom and jerry or cartoon network. But these days I cannot figure out the new series of cartoons that are in these days. 

New Series for more techsavvy children you see. They need more of gadgets and more dishum dishum. Well I am talking about the favourite cartoon series of my times today. THe walt Disney ones used to be my favourite and I am sure you would have liked them once. 

Here is a list of 13 Walt Disney productions that you wouldnt miss in your life:


The jungle Book

The Aristocats



Winnie The Pooh

Alice in the Wonderland







Snow White & 7 Dwarfs

The lion KIng

Beauty and the Beast

Do you agree to the list I have made If yes share this write up and if not you can create your own too.


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