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Beautiful in my own sense!

Shivani Bazaz       |   2014-04-05 04:39:10   |   Fashion   |   Article   |   Posted By: Invade Cafe

Oh! My god, you have gained so much!
What's wrong with your face?

This haircut doesn’t suit you!
You don't have a taste for nail paints!

I have been listening this and afterwards getting a mini heart attack since the past many years. Get up early, wash your face with different foams, scrub it and yes! Don’t forget to pat with a half wet towel. Put a lot of makeup, eyeliner, kajal, lip-gloss and then check twice, is everything going with the dress. All this for what? Just to impress some guys, to garner some attention, to turn heads or anything of that kind. And we say, we are empowered women. Really! I don’t think so.

‘Golden hair’, ‘Barbie figure’, ‘Picture perfect’, ‘Size Zero’, ‘36-24-36’, ‘fair-skinned’, - these are some of the commonly used parameters that we all use in some fashion to judge a person’s face and body. I remember doing that quite often and yes I used to get almost all the attention i wanted for myself, but along with this I used to realize how fake I am. In the evening when I used to wash my face off, there was the real me, that no one liked. I am sure most of the women out there would relate to this fact. Every one of us would have looked back in that mirror and asked, “Am I that bad”?

A major cause of this pseudo-beauty mania is the cosmetic and fashion industries, who never want us to be satisfied with ourselves. “Fair is lovely”- who said this, “curls are good”- why, I don’t think wearing a 6-inch heel makes you feel beautiful, yes! It can to the outside world, but what do you think about yourself. You are just a short lady who is showing off her inability to stand by what she is actually by wearing a heel. The Indian cosmetic market stood at $2.5 Billion and in 2010 it reported a staggering rise to $9.3 Billion as per the latest ET reports, Women being the easiest targets for them to increase their market.

If I would have changed something today, it would be this pseudo-beauty mania. I would have liked all the women in this world to go out, wearing that confidence on their face and just stand by themselves for what they are, rather than faking things. I think Women who otherwise lack a sense of purpose in life find it easy to focus on beauty fixation. They are not happy with their own self, and not just their looks.

So, my dose of advice is to go out playing in rains not bothering about your makeup and how people will look at you. Live your life to the hilt and just try being yourself. And remember, people who love you will love you for what you really and not for how you show yourself. One thing more, real women are not fake, they are true on your face.


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