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About Us

"Invade cafê lets you stand on your opinion and share it with the world instantly through articles, conversations and radio"

What is Invade cafê?
Invade Cafê is a citizen journalism multimedia website which enables an easy and quick dissemination of news and opinions by users through various channels.

How is it different?
Constantly watched over by experts from different arenas of news, Invadecafe.com contains open and at the same time thoroughly filtered content making it both transparent and credible.

Find your space
An assortment of 16 specially designed news and views categories which display articles from the users and experts approved by invadecafe.com. May it be hard news or an opinion, a developmental story or a personal experience; you can find your space here.

Invade Radio
Invade cafê provide users a larger space to express their opinion, creativity and talent using the online radio service. The radio will be a mouthpiece for all the people who want to express their views, showcase their skills (self-composed songs, radio jockeying etc) and who think that their voice will lead to betterment in the society.

The Cafê conversations
An online discussion forum called "Cafê conversations" allows a user to discuss and converse with other users with varied views. The conversations can take place over different news topics inside specially designed categories called causes and passions.

What we aspire!
Our motive is to promote citizen journalism and give space to each and every person to attain a complete democracy of views. We aim at encouraging people to indulge in opinion making and journalism of transparency.

Invade Cafê - Inspiring Social journalism
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